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HardTied video gallery "Beverly Hills Cooperative Cunt"

Beverly Hills Cooperative Cunt

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Short description: Master A has beverly hills under his complete control. she is his bitch, entirely, and that means she knows how to obey and satisfy him in every way. Every order he gives is met with a quick 'yes, sir,' and immediate compliance. Even when he has her bend over and present her ass for punishment she is only interested in being his slut. When he offers her a reward for her fast learning all she wants is for him to play with her even more. The cum slut gets her wish. Master A ties her up so all of her most sensual parts are open to him and begins to run his vibrator over them. When he plays with her pussy her body starts to writhe uncontrollably. He wants her to keep her feet on the ground and since she can't manage to follow instructions her first orgasm will have to be from the crotch rope instead of the direct vibration. The rest of them, however, he coaxes out of her with the powerful toy right on her clit. And each time beverly cums for him it is so intense he has to see if she has another one in her. He is not willing to let her down until he has seen enough, and even after she has screamed out to his satisfaction he leaves her tied a little bit longer, letting her weight continue to bear down on the rope that is pinching her clit. Playing with a bitch does not just mean making her moan like a slut. Sometimes Master A likes to make her scream for mercy. To get the reactions he likes he puts his bitches through a lot. beverly gets bent over in a rough strappado and the clamps on her nipples are heavy and tight. Master A wants to flog her pussy and so she has to keep her legs spread while he goes to work. Any time she closes them to cover herself he reminds her both verbally and with an extra strong swing. The attention gets her cunt dripping wet. He fully suspends her from the ground to keep her from wriggling away from him and begins to brutally fuck her with Mr. Pogo while vibrating her again. After all of her orgasms earlier she is still ready to cum again in seconds, her snatch starts squirting from the intensity.

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