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HardTied video gallery "Brina James Wants More"

Brina James Wants More

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Short description: Brina James can struggle all she wants, but she will wear out long before her bonds do. PD has some wonderful treatments for her in the mean time. His pocket knife plays across her feet, ass and pussy while she moans feebly though her gag. The whip elicits some slightly better screams. It only takes a little bit of pain to get her wet enough to fuck. PD pushes her twat for a bit but since she does not perform up to standard she gets another round with the whip. her cock sucking skills are not enough to earn her freedom. Until they are up to par she is going to have to suffer through the strokes of PDs cane all over her body. It does not take many strikes to improve her form. Being a good mouth slut does not make her free, though. All it earns her is some time for her pussy to get acquainted with PDs flogger. Once she has mastered the art of getting her throat fucked she does get time with the vibrator, though. The moans of her pleasure are muffled by the dick in her mouth but they still come through load and clear. Her last humiliation may be the worst. The hook in her ass is tied to her hair, meaning every head motion comes with a stern reaming. Sucking cock means getting ass fucked and even just getting off with a vibrator has another dimension. PD makes sure she gets the whole experience, too, when he refuses to let her settle for just one orgasm.

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