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Real Time Bondage video gallery "Jingle Sluts, pt.3"

Jingle Sluts, pt.3

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Short description: This is the third installment of our play time with Cadence Cross. In case you don't remember her, she is the petite, tattooed, little minx with the deep and abiding love of bondage, discipline, and rough sex. She never passes on an opportunity to tell us how much she can take, how unafraid she is, and how much she is looking for more. Every member watching this feed had a few ideas on how to push her limits. We did our best to put them into action.

Cadence is bent nearly in two. You can see the wear and tear from the day in the bruises all across her ass. Her cheeks have turned bright pink from the constant spankings. The places where the heaviest cane strokes landed are black and blue.

There is a completely different side to Cadence, though. She has tits to whip and cane. She has a face to fuck with. She has a pussy that has been getting wetter and wetter with every painful humiliation she has had to endure. We can't neglect all of these little bits of Cadence just because her ass is so nice.

Her tits could use a bit of decoration from a red wax candle. It's startlingly hot as each droplet connects with her flesh. Speaking of decoration, there is a bright new addition to the classing electrical box. When you turn the crank the bell rings and Cadence gets shocked. This time we've hooked up some lights, too. You can see how often she is feeling the sting. The lights aren't even the point of contact. The jolts will be running through the large metal dildo impaling her cunt. Nikki Darling will operate the box while Jack Hammer operates the whip that keeps her turning the crank.

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