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Sexually Broken video gallery "Little spinner belted down and fucked"

Little spinner belted down and fucked

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Short description: They don’t come much more adorable or little then Tinslee Reagan. This compact and eager slut is all wide eyed enthusiasm and open holes. What she lacks in height she more then makes up for in willingness. Bound with thick leather belts onto a custom made wooden bondage device, Tinslee’s legs are spread open wide in a classic fuck me position. Her perfectly shaved pink pussy makes a perfect bullseye.

We start off with a little vibrator action to warm up that pussy. Tinslee moans appreciatively through her big black ballgag as waves of pleasure wash over her bound body. Her legs shake in her chains as she cums hard and fast. Enough warm up. We replace the vibrator with the real thing, as 10 inches of BBC slide home to the base. The strict bondage keeps Tinslee firmly in place, she can not escape her fate to be a cock sheath. She is fucked until her eyes rattle. This is her new purpose in life.

One after another, the cocks reshape her tight hole. They are relentless, ripping out orgasm after orgasm out of Tinslee’s eager pussy. She drools around the huge ballgag wedged between those cock sucking lips. In an overload of sensation, Tinslee is fingerblasted, vibrated, and fucked, over and over again. The multiple orgasms, dick and bondage do the trick as she slides off twitching into sexual subspace.

By the time we are done with her, she is can hardly keep her eyes open and is covered in her own juices. She is so limp only her bondage keeps her up. This is what sexually broken looks like. It is a good look on her...

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