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Sexually Broken video gallery "Penetrated"


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Short description: Newbie Paisley Parker is all of nineteen years old and only just starting in the industry, but she brings the attitude of a seasoned pro. She loves the dick, she loves the attention and she loves cumming hard in strict bondage. Today she will get all of that and more. Her big brown eyes are so inviting all we want to do is stuff her face full of cock until they water.

Bound in strict belt bondage that bends Paisley over at the waist, both ends of our fresh faced starlet are wide open and ready for business. Her tight shaved pussy and tempting pink mouth needed to be filled, and fill them we do. Two hard cocks walk up from both ends and attempt to shake hands in the middle. The huge dick strains Paisley’s pussy to its very limits and her eyes bulge as she chokes on the cock.

The fucking is rough and without mercy. She can not escape or shift away from the cock. All she can do is take the dicking down we are dishing out. Drool pours out of her well used mouth as she cums hard all over the cock owning her tight pussy. We never let up or slow down, switching back and forth as we see fit. Paisley is reduced to a bag of holes for our use.

By the time we have had our fill, Paisley is a gasping undone mess, held up only by her bondage. her eyes are glassy and a satisfied grin is dancing across her well fucked face. You are very welcome my dear.

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