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Sexually Broken video gallery "Redhead fucked into the ground"

Redhead fucked into the ground

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Short description: Pocket sized Penny Pax was built to fuck. She is a natural born slut and she is very, very good at it. We know what to do with sluts around here at Sexuallybroken: Lash them down to a couch and fill them so full of dick that they can't get their eyes uncrossed. Which is exactly what we are going to do today.

We start with our slut firmly bound and chained down onto our well-used fuck couch in a classic 'fuck me' position. With her little feet high above her head and a massive red ballgag wedged deep into her mouthhole, her big blue eyes stare up at us. Penny is too cute for words. Sluts this cute get dicked down proper, and 10 inches of BBC simply walk right up and slide into her helplessly waiting hole. The gurgling sounds sounds that seep around her ballgag as the cock slams deep are music to our ears. We can't have her getting TOO noisy though, and some face smothering is in order.

One after the other, 2 cocks make use of her fuckhole. Penny is nothing if not well-trained, and she takes her dicking down with grace…not that she has much choice in the matter. Today is simply about her taking everything we throw at her, for as long as we want, until we have had our fill. After a through drilling down, we finger blast her to a brain melting orgasm, and vibrate her sensitive pussy into even more orgasms. Penny's toes curl as the orgasms rip through her restrained flesh.

It is time to check Penny completely into subspace, and Jack unleashes all 10 inches into her without mercy. She is fucked until she can't catch her breath, her eyes glaze over and her body goes limp. She is reduced to nothing but a fuckshealth, a fuckshealth taking an epic dicking down. We might be here for a while. Enjoy the ride Penny...

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