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Sexually Broken video gallery "Shackled to a sybian"

Shackled to a sybian

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Short description: Holly Heart has a sex drive to match her body, and her body is out of control. Tanned and toned, this booming big breasted blonde bimbo is now officially a MILF. We love MILFs here at Sexuallybroken and reward them in the best way possible-with an overload of cock and orgasms. Today we are going to test this slut’s multi-tasking skills. How well does this bimbo suck cock while cumming? Let’s find out. For science!

Shackled down upon a sybian, the world’s most powerful vibrator, Holly’s hands are cranked over her head in strict metal bondage. A neck collar insures that she can not gift her head away or escape from the dick, all she can do accept her training. The sybian is a non stop orgasm machine, it makes you cum over and over without mercy. As the sybian rips multiple orgasms out of Holly’s shaved pussy, the cocks reshape her throat.

It doesn’t take long to break this tanned slut down. One after another the rock hard cocks make full use of that big mouth of Holly’s. They run a train without ever letting up or slowing down the pace. The drool runs down and coats those big breasts. She gasps and chokes on the cock, her screams of orgasm muffled by how deeply the dick is lodged down her face. Her eyes glass over and her hair and makeup are destroyed. This messy MILF has finally revealed the sexual animal underneath the surface.

The sybian does its magic as the strict restraints keep Holly in place. This perfect porn star is completely taken apart. In her place is a sweaty and heaving cummed out bag of holes. We fire off a few more thrusts into that well trained mouth hole and then walk away, leaving the sybian on full blast. She will have no choice to keep on cumming for as long as we so desire. Enjoy the ride my dear, we will be back later...

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